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What is Engineering the South East?

The Engineering the South East cluster is an industry-led initiative that brings the regions engineering companies its knowledge providers and its government agencies together.

It is a platform that facilitates companies to both access and influence the knowledge related services available to them.

It provides a means for companies to collaborate with likeminded industry in the region to solve common issues and ultimately helps them grow and internationalise their businesses. The cluster facilitates industry to identify and address innovation and research needs by tapping into our fast-growing R&D ecosystem.

Who is the cluster for?

We primarily focus on the regions Engineering related SME’s however a number of large and multinational companies play a pivotal role in providing credibility and improving the reach of the cluster.

Activity is not only directly related to industry. ESE has a mandate to promote engineering as a career and great effort is put into attracting talent into the sector.

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Our Mission & Vision

To advance Engineering across the South East. We want our companies to be more connected, more engaged and more innovative.

The long term goal of this group is to ensure the South East is recognised both nationally and globally as a leading region in terms of Engineering capabilities, people, processes, technologies, ideas and innovation.

Snapshot of Engineering

in the South East

connecting &
innovating through
a shared vision

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