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Engineering the South East is currently involved in the design and development of
the following programmes in response to industry needs.

MV / HV Technician

Industry feedback suggests that there is a huge demand in the country
for Industrial Electricians with practical skills in the area of medium and
high voltage installation and equipment.

Engineering the South East is working with the South East Regional Skills
Forum, the Institute of Technology’s and a number of companies who are providing services in this area. The long-term objective will be to create an innovative new
skills programme that will provide a structured progression path for candidates to progress initially to technician level but will also facilitate progression to Senior Authorised Person and Commissioning Engineer levels.

Companies involved to date:

  1. Suir Engineering
  2. Jones Engineering
  3. King & Moffatt
  4. Designer Group

Quality Engineering / Technician

Quality Engineering is another area that has been identified as having a
gap in the market. Many individuals are currently working in Quality
Engineering positions without formal qualification. There is a huge
desire from these individuals and their employers to resolve this issue.

The demand is from a large range of company types within the
engineering sector and the aim is to create a regionally based, part-time
Level 8 qualification in this discipline.

Member companies engaged in this project are:

  1. Integer
  2. Boston Scientific
  3. Keltech
  4. Carten Controls
  5. Jabil
  6. Burnside
  7. Ball
  8. Repligen
  9. Shivo
  10. Tanco
  11. Sanofi
  12. Smartply

If you have a specific skills need please contact us to discuss what options are
available to you and your staff.

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