Machine Building Workstream

The South East has a strong tradition in the area Machine Building. This comprises not
only of automation and robotics experts but also the companies
that feed into them as subcontractors.

The Benefits of this Workstream:

  • Enables specialist SME’s to have a secure peer to peer forum to address opportunities and barriers within the sector.
  • Provides a means of highlighting skills shortages and influencing how those skills shortages are addressed.
  • Provides a means to source specific niche services within the sector.
  • Provides a means of accessing or collaborating on world class R&D services.

I now have a very good
qualification in Machine Safety, I would not
have taken it on if not for the Cluster.

Darren Roche,
Horan Automation

Industry Case 1

Clustering activity of regional engineering companies results in international automation excellence.

Lead Company:
T.Butler Engineering (Kilkenny):
Regional collaboration with: CDS Metalwork (Kilkenny) & Rittal (Carlow)

TBE are specialist in CNC Wire forming and Special Purpose Machinery produced mainly for the global automotive industry. They have supplied over 250 bespoke machines since the company was set up in 1988.

TBE have their own in-house R&D and their technological expertise is in the area of digital AC servo drives, multiple axis high-speed feed systems, servo winding, servo forming, press attachments, rotating wire, and integrated welding.

In terms of regional collaboration, TBE utilise the skills of local supplier CDS Metalwork to manufacture their complex machine frames. They also utilize electrical enclosure specialists Rittal to supply enclosures that require specialised integral cooling units that their end clients’ environmental conditions require.

Industry Case 2

4 of the regions engineering companies who are involved in the machine building space recently engaged with the Engineering South East Cluster via a workshop to explore support options available to SME’s for training. The specific specialization they had in mind was “Certified Machinery Safety Expert” training.

We initially explored financial support and Engineering the South East reached out to the Engineering Skillnet group who were able to organize a 40% discount for members to avail of the course ultimately making it financially viable for them to enroll their employees on the programme.

3 Engineers have now either completed the programme or have enrolled in the next delivery. Engineering the South East is now exploring other opportunities with this sub-cluster such as work placements, graduate funding supports and R&I (Research and Innovation) projects.


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