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Launch of Engineering Skills Report

Evaluation of the Engineering Skills and Training Needs of Manufacturing and Construction Sectors in the South East

Engineering the South East and South East Regional Skills Forum recently launched our newly published engineering skills and training needs report. This report highlights the huge and critical shortage of skilled staff in the region for the engineering sector but also gives great insight into where the future opportunities lie.

The report was chad input from 109 companies and sought to determine the skills capacity of the region’s engineering employers across manufacturing and construction. Amongst the findings were that 48% of engineering-related companies in the south east had a major shortage of necessary skills among talent with top upskilling needs identified in automation, digital transformation and building information modelling (BIM).

See the full report Engineering Skills Report


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 Attracting Interns and Graduates for Engineering

Recruitment and retention is a huge problem for our Cluster members so we recently ran an event for our regional SME`S
who we interested in learning what measures they can put in place to strengthen their position
as attractive employers for young graduates

Benefits of the initiative:

  • Clarification of what Internships or placements should involve from the employers perspective
  • Creating awareness of recruitment timelines that work for both student and employer
  • What Recruitment Programmes are and why they work
  • Best practice for recruitment & retention of graduates (activity that employers need to be doing)
  • Clarification to industry exactly what skills a graduate will have (ie what they will know, both when qualified and at the different stages of their degree)


Impacts of the initiative:

Companies are taking more initiative in their long-term recruitment strategy. Companies realise the value of getting students working in their business before they actually graduate. To avail of this the IoT’s offer a function to advertise Part-Time work for engineering students so that companies can start creating relationships with potential talent early.

We are working on an initiative to get Cluster members utilising the “Final Year Project” as a tool to increase engagement with students and bring more relevance to their project.

ESE is working with some of the Cluster member companies on a series of lunch box talks where some of their staff will present to the engineering students themselves.


Companies involved:
  • Delmec
  • PB Machine Tech
  • Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland
  • Bolster Group
  • BRG Geological
  • Carlow Toolmaking
  • Seerys Foods
  • Murphy Precast
  • Clancy Construction
  • Airconmech
  • Oglesby and Butler
  • CDS Metalwork / Duggan Lynch
  • Horan Automation

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