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Engineering the South East is an Industry led cluster of companies that partners with the regions education providers to increase cluster members productivity and competitiveness.

Being part of an effective cluster leads to:

  • Increased innovation & entrepreneurship
  • Better access to competence and talent
  • Stronger international orientation
  • Improved attractiveness of your business

To become a member simply complete our membership form by clicking on the button below.

There is no charge associated with membership at this time. Members are added to our mailing list and all information will be treated as confidential as per GDPR requirements.

Our Mission & Vision

To advance Engineering across the South East. We want our companies to be more connected, more engaged and more innovative.

The long term goal of this group is to ensure the South East is recognised both nationally and globally as a leading region in terms of Engineering capabilities, people, processes, technologies, ideas and innovation.

Our Partners

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Our Members



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