Steel Procurement Workstream

Our regional engineering companies are currently facing a significant issue sourcing
steel at competitive prices.

The cluster initiatied an industry focus group of 13 companies ranging in size and area of
specialisation to address the issue.

The Benefits of this Workstream:

  • To create a connected pathway for SME’s in the region to obtain a more reliable and consistent supply of steel products.
  • To provide a means of peer to peer learning between companies that will enable them to strategize supply chains better within their own companies.
  • To utilise Industry supply chain and steel specialists to present key information that will allow them to make time critical business decisions.

This cluster has been hugely beneficial in addressing the severe volatility in the steel market during the last year

Stephen Nolan, Operations Manager,
Hi-Spec Engineering

Companies involved in this workstream are:

connecting &
innovating through
a shared vision

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